12-steps-to-living-longer-and-stronger-e1496198170242-300x300 Do You do Any of This?

In the summer of 2012, while flipping through Prevention magazine I came across something that caused a surprising reaction. The July 2012 issue was written by Anne Underwood titled “Practicing What He Preaches.” It was about the “12 Steps to Living longer and stronger.” by Dr Sanjay Gupta.

My Reaction

After reading the title I wrote a note, which states ‘the first thing I believe that matters most before anyone considers 12 steps to anything is the answer to the question – Do you want to live long? Followed by Are you committed to doing what it takes to live longer and stronger? If the answer is No, then reading any of the information beyond this page would be a waste. Waste is what most people do with the lessons, knowledge and information they get daily. If the answer is Yes, then the information beyond this page will be a  meaningful wisdom. Wisdom is sometimes not profound when received or noticed.’

As a read the above self note, I realized that the overall problem we face today is not lack of information, it is an issue with commitment and follow through. Regardless of the source of an information which for most people is an answer. But before an answer, the vital information is what is the question? Two questions I believe are essential to information gathering are:

Do I want this?

Am I committed to following through UNTIL I get results?

Saying No to any of the questions above will certainly prevent you from using the information you gleam from any source. Searching for the new, the better, the fastest, the one answer has become a worldwide hobby: everyone is doing it. You are not everyone, therefore you will be wise not to act like everyone else.

I answered yes to the questions, I have practiced some of it and it works. I saved the article and now I am sharing the summary with you. My reasons for saying yes are, Dr Gupta was fit looking man and as a family man he included his family in what he did, while presenting his ideas in a simple and practical manner. They have been useful for me for numerous years, I hope they will be for you.

Now to the 12 steps to living longer and stronger by Dr Sanjay Gupta:
  1. Don’t think of exercise as optional – “he treated exercise like a meeting with the boss”
  2. Pump your heart to better your brain – Aerobic exercise is good for the heart and brain.
  3. Move it Or Lose It. – Incorporate movement into your everyday life. Push ups, jump rope, pull ups, sit ups using body weight, and walking.
  4. Get your kids in the act. – from jogging strollers, to getting family involved in his family in going to park and even triathlon training.
  5. Stop Eating before you are full.
  6. Fall out of Love with Sugar. – “sugar is toxin”, his family doesn’t keep sugar at home, and he walks more than a mile to go get weakness which is ice cream.
  7. Grow a Garden – This is not for me
  8. Eat a rainbow diet – instead of supplementing.. he goes for the following mix: “vegetables, fruits, and nuts: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, some brown. That gives me all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants I need.” He only take omega-3 fatty acids.
  9. Don’t Skimp on Sleep – I’m still working on this one.
  10. Stop medicating, start meditating
  11. Schedule “you” time – He has two 30 minutes on his calendar he calls Sanjay time’ that he uses for meditating and reflecting on things.
  12. Grow younger – yes, you can! – the suggestions he gave above have helped him become younger. He actually had his telomeres measured and they had grown longer. Longer telomeres means you are aging.There you have it. Use the above and practice it frequently!