Food & What it is…

“The food” is frequently not the only problem. The problem is your thinking and behavior about “the food”.

question-mark-serious-thinker Food Is Not The Problem...
I have personally told adults and teenagers that “food is not the problem… you are”. Doing this often results in a host of unwanted emotions and reactions that leads to lines like “I hate you” or “F you!”.

Lets face it, food does not have hands and legs, they do not walk their way into our mouths. I tell teenagers as well as adults often that if you think food is the problem you will keep trying to fix the food, change a diet, blame the food, get angry at the food industry, and all the other crap so many people do. But if you recognize the TRUTH that you are the problem in regards to food, you will be 75% closer to solving your food problems.

What is Food To You?

Food to me is ________________?

Answer the above question. In case you have a hard time answering the question consider some of the answers that I have received over the years…
“Food is food”
“Food is heaven”
“Food is comfort”
“Food is fat”
“Food is calories”
“Food is whatever I eat”
“Food is fuel”
“Food is medicine”

There are many more answers, but the last one has a short story that will interest you and maybe have interesting outlook for you like it did for me.

About 7 years ago, I went to Austin, Texas for a seminar and during lunch we had a group around the table. A lady amongst us, a professed vegan started asking everyone what we were having for lunch. My response was I will eat whatever is good that I see in the hotel menu. She gave me a weird look, then whipped out her food from her bag. Out of curiosity I asked ‘what is food to you?’ Her reply was ‘food is medicine’. She went on to explain that she eats at specific hours and for the past year or so she eats almost the same things daily. My next question was ‘do you have a condition that requires such rigidity? her reply was ‘No!’

A prescribed way of eating, the same thing day and day out removes the enjoyment of eating for me. When food becomes like a prescription drug, then the joy of experimental cooking goes out of the window. Powders and pills now become food. Replacements and supplements have never and most likely will never do it for me.

Excess of anything is bad, wasteful, and even sinful. People become extreme because of other peoples research and opinions. Medicine are generally prescribed. Yet, as a health care worker, there is one primary purpose for medicine in my mind and that is the restoration to functional health. Medicine as a choice in lifestyle is not for me.

I have met only one person in my life-time who loves meds. He is an addict to pain meds. My other buddy that loves alcohol is now an alcoholic.

Food is not medicine to me, food is both energy source and creative outlet, therefore my eating is in a non-prescribed manner, and I enjoying cooking most of the time.

So answer the question, what is food for you?

Then consider what that answer has been making you do habitually in regards to food and eating.