Every major structure in the world requires a deep foundation and powerful support structures. The more support structure or pillars the building has, the more it will withstand the hardest trauma and disasters that come its way.


Bonding, in my opinion, starts with similar interests. Remember that birds of the same feather flock together. Other than dance, find similar interest for the whole group and they will flock together. Most bonding happens by accident. Or as a by-product of zero planning. I think a planned and proactive bonding with all members getting together will be more effective, efficient and sustainable.


corporate_circle_think_tank-300x263 Foundations

It is very normal to want to be understood, but it is far more important to be understood as well as mutual understanding. The danger usually happens when one person insists on being recognized and refuses to understand others. That way of living leads to neglect and self-absorbed life.


Empathy is different from sympathy. I see people being sympathetic believing they are empathetic. It is good to be sympathetic, but for a meaningful bond, empathy is crucial. EMPATHY mixed with TOLERANCE creates an impressive strong bonded chain that will be hard to break. You feel compassion towards your “best friends,” and you are tolerant towards your buddies. When something happens, and it involves your best friend you will try to feel what they are going through before making conclusions. You feel empathy with your best friends; you should feel the same for your teammates.

Follow the Rules

Following rules is boring, tedious and yet necessary. If you go to the basketball court and decide to play the game with soccer rules, you will get injured, hurt others and eventually get kicked out. While the above may seem like a stupid analogy, it is how most people try to live daily. Residing in ‘Rangerette land’ involves rules. The same applies to creating a long lasting, meaningful bond, and it requires RULES. The rules should be useful for you and the group. If all follow the rules, the likelihood of successful bonding will be higher and efficient.

Create Synergy

Synergy can be created and fostered around certain things, events and activities. Try any of the following

  • Similar songs, choruses, chants, group activities other than the activities planned. They could be activities based on participation and self-invitations
  • Sports and games
  • Performing activities around similar values such as humor, creativity, play, openness, cooperation, and so on.
  • Although mutual suffering is said to create synergy in groups, I am not a fan of it. Workout with your hectic schedule is already creating that for you. lol

corporate_circle_think_tank-300x263 Foundations

It will be like a pickup basketball game, a team that has played together for a long time will beat a series of guys put together by accident. The reason the team that has played together longer will win is they have a synergistic way of playing. They are in tune with each other.